Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Better Late than Never: 53-51

Many of you will remember that I set out on a rather ambitious project at the beginning of this year, posting one by one the Top 100 Films I Woulnd't Want to Live Without. I set out with the earnest intention of completing it, but have stalled out at #53. Taking on a full-time position at Mosaic Church this year and beginning a new interest in cooking has swallowed nearly all of my surplus energy. With that said, I'd like to try and finish out my top 100 at least in some form. So, I'm just going to post them all list style with the most minimal of comments. I've updated the sidebar for 2009 as well, so check that out. Thanks for all your patience and thanks for reading. Enjoy!

53. No Country for Old Men (2007)
Directed by the Coen Brothers

Winner of the Leaman Award for 'Best Picture' in 2007, No Country for Old Men is a interesting hybrid of films. It's a first rate thriller and chase film, but it's also an incredible drama filled with deep insight and philisophical musings. Together, No Country for Old Men makes for a rare enthralling thriller that engages your mind as well as your senses.

52. Gladiator (2000)
Directed by Ridley Scott

While not conveying the depth or artistry that No Country for Old Men does, Gladiator makes up for it in it's enjoyability. The drama is good (if not insightful), characters well drawn (Crowe is iconic as Maximus), Art Directon/Costumes/Effects all top notch, and the action is put together extremely well. Add a memorable score, some great lines, and you've got an incredibly entertainin film, and one that I would want with me.

51. A Christmas Story (1983)
Directed by Bob Clark

I came late to this film and now cherish the opportunities I have to watch it. It's really the best Christmas film out there (although there is one further down my list that isn't a true 'Christmas' movie), as it captures so perfectly the mentality of a kid during Christmas. It's iconic, hilarious, and I can watch it over and over again. What more should I ask?

In a following post, we will finally delve into the Top 50!


Julie said...

I still don't understand No Country and I don't have any desire to try to...although there is a little twinge of annoyance when I see it on your list because of not understanding.
Gladiator is great though!
A Christmas Story...is that new? I don't think we've talked about it. You know they play it for like 24 hours back to back to back to back... on TBS or TNT or something starting on Christmas Eve. Maybe I'll actually try to watch it this year. It's one of those movies I haven't seen all the way through...just bits and pieces.
Glad to see you are finally finishing your list!

Anonymous said...

He's baaaAAAACK!